Genomic Testing

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Genomic testing for Metaplastic Breast Cancer is very helpful to patients who are deciding their future treatment options.

Please discuss this very important, evolving diagnostic tool that may help direct you and your oncologist to a more individualized treatment protocol. We will add additional information as we learn of other reputable companies.

This link may also help you and your oncologists with more targeted treatment options:

Caris Life Sciences

To fulfill the promise of precision medicine and to facilitate a deeper understanding of the biology of cancer and other complex diseases, Caris Life Sciences® has developed a patented and proprietary biotargeting system to identify novel molecular targets for drug development and advanced diagnostics.

Caris Life Sciences also pioneered the first comprehensive, technology agnostic molecular testing offering to help physicians make more informed treatment decisions. As the industry leader, Caris provides reliable and actionable information about a patient’s tumor that serves as a molecular blueprint to personalize cancer therapy and improve care.

For more information on Caris Life Sciences, please visit their site by clicking here.


10-15% of most cancers in women and men are due to inherited genetic mutations.1,2,3,4
Hereditary cancer is caused by an inherited genetic mutation. It is typical to see a recurring pattern of cancer across two to three generations—like multiple individuals diagnosed with the same type of cancer(s) and individuals diagnosed with cancer much younger than average.

Familial cancer refers to cancer that appears to occur more frequently in families than is expected from chance alone. While no specific mutation has been linked to these cancers, familial cancer may have a hereditary component that has not yet been identified.

Sporadic cancer refers to cancer that occurs due to spontaneous mutations that accumulate over a person’s life. Sporadic cancer cannot be explained by a single cause. There are several factors, such as aging, lifestyle, or environmental exposure, that may contribute to the development of sporadic cancer.

For more information on COLOR, visit their site by clicking here.

Foundation One

FoundationOne is a fully informative genomic profile that helps physicians make treatment decisions for patients with cancer by identifying the molecular growth drivers of their cancers and helping oncologists match them with relevant targeted therapeutic options.

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Guardant 360

Guardant 360 by Guardant Health: All guideline recommended genomic biomarkers for solid tumors in a single test.

For more information on Guardant 360, please visit their site by clicking here.

Genomics for Life

“Precision Molecular Diagnostics enables the testing of the individual characteristics of each patient and their disease.”

Genomics For Life specializes in advanced technologies to improve patient care including advanced molecular testing of cancers.

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Oncofocus® by Oncologica® Ltd. is a comprehensive precision oncology test that precisely identifies the right drug for your cancer thereby increasing your chances of successful treatment.

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PGxOne™ Plus is a pharmacogenomics test that predicts how patients will respond to drug therapy based on their individual genetic makeup. Differences between individuals can affect drug absorption, metabolism, or activity. Therefore, while one treatment regimen may work well for one individual, the same regimen may cause adverse effects for other individuals.1, 2PGxOne™ Plus comprehensively screens 50 well-established pharmacogenomic genes in a single, cost-effective test that provides medically actionable and clinically relevant data, thus allowing physicians to make effective treatment decisions. Expanding beyond pharmacogenomics, PGxOne™ Plus reports potential adverse interactions of the patient’s current medications.

For more information on PGxOne™, visit their site by clicking here.

Precision Oncology

Precision Oncology is the exclusive distributor for Caris Molecular Intelligence® (CMI) in Australia and New Zealand. We specialise in multiplatform tumour molecular profiling, or in other words, testing a tumour’s unique molecular makeup (DNA, RNA and proteins) to identify which treatments would or would not be most effective in treating that person’s specific cancer.

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 Xing Technologies

Xing Technologies, next-gen cancer diagnostic pathways for cancer patients. Leaders in point of care detection & monitoring cancer.

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