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This Month’s Spotlight Member:

Tanya Gendle

Tanya Gendle Member with terminal breast cancer spotlight

Tanya Gendle is fragile, strong, graceful, joyful and distraught as she sits on the precipice between life and death.
Read more about her journey HERE

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Name Location Date Diagnosed Subtype
Jeanie Brocklehurst Chester UK March 2016 Her2+ Metaplastic
Terri-Louise Frnka Houston, Texas, USA October 2016 Metaplastic ER/PR+ breast cancer
Tanya Gendle Gungahlin, Australia 2005  
Patti Hennessy Florida, USA Diagnosed Ovarian 2011; Metaplastic 2017 Squamous subtype


Please take a moment to visit this page run by our sister group – the Diagnosed Women’s Only Site. The “Remembering the Girls that died from Metaplastic Breast Cancer” page was started in 2011, and is a memorial that records those who have fought against but passed from MpBC. Please join us in honoring those women.