Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between MpBC and MBC?
MpBC and MBC are abbreviations. MpBC is the most commonly used abbreviation for Metaplastic Breast Cancer, also known as Metaplastic Carcinoma of the Breast. MBC is the abbreviation most commonly used for Metastatic or Stage IV Breast Cancer.
Why did you start the Metaplastic Breast Cancer Global Alliance?
We wanted to help fund research into targeted treatments for metaplastic breast cancer, to help increase the rate of survival for our community.
Who started the Alliance?
The Alliance was started by two metaplastic breast cancer patients who were encouraged by noted researchers and were quickly joined by family, friends, and about 100 other current and former patients.
Are any of the donated funds used to compensate staff?
The Alliance is run completely by volunteers who receive no compensation at all.
What are the current activities of the Alliance?
We are preparing the infrastructure so that we can work with researchers to get grants and funding for clinical trials and research. We are registering as a charity with the IRS, enrolling Global Representatives, documenting existing research, building a website, engaging knowledgeable doctors and researchers, and working to start a patient registry.
What can I do as a member?
Anyone can volunteer to help with our various administrative functions, fundraising activities, and support. Donations to our Go-Fund-Me are being used to fund our initial administrative costs and are greatly appreciated. Each year, we will use available fundraising funds to help support patients.

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