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Mission Statement

The Metaplastic Breast Cancer Global Alliance, Inc. is a nonprofit organization founded and administered by volunteers and supported by noted researchers and oncologists.  The mission of this alliance is to help consolidate knowledge and support research into Metaplastic Carcinoma of the Breast.

''Understanding the disease may lead us to better ways to attack it. For patients with Metaplastic Breast Cancer, they want - and deserve - better treatments.''

– Celina G. Kleer, M.D. Director, Breast Pathology Program University of Michigan Medical School

metaplastic breast cancer global alliance and lazarexAre you in a clinical trial or considering joining one? To help defray the costs of travel and lodging, we are excited to announce a new partnership between theMetaplastic Breast Cancer Global Alliance and the Lazarex Cancer Foundation. This partnership will provide reimbursement for lodging and travel expenses to patients participating in an FDA-approved clinical trial.

Metaplastic Breast Cancer Global Alliance and Metastatic Breast Cancer Project
The Metaplastic Breast Cancer Global Alliance is pleased to partner with The Metastatic Breast Cancer Project. Our goal is to link patients with Metastatic Metaplastic to the MBC project and support advancing research.  This partnership aims to fill an important gap that hinders research into Metaplastic Carcinoma of the Breast.

For the latest data published on Targeted or whole-exome sequencing for Metaplastic Breast Cancer:

what is metaplastic breast cancer

What is Metaplastic Breast Cancer?

Metaplastic Breast Cancer, or MpBC, was first recognized in 2000 as a distinct sub-type of breast cancer. It is generally believed to represent 1% or less of all breast cancer cases. Most of the time these breast cancers are also triple negative, which means that they are ER / PR negative and HER2 neutral, another rare diagnosis group. Due to the rarity of Metaplastic Breast Cancer, there have been few studies or clinical trials relating to study Metaplastic Breast Cancer.

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who are we metaplastic breast cancer global alliance

Metaplastic Breast Cancer- Who Are We?

Who Are We?  The Metaplastic Breast Cancer Global Alliance was started by a team of women who were diagnosed with this cancer.  This is a grass-roots patient organization, run by members of our community, and dedicated to improving the outcome for all women in this affected by MpBC.

Who Are We?

metaplastic breast cancer rare disease

Metaplastic Breast Cancer- A Rare Disease

Metaplastic Breast Cancer is known to be extremely rare, although new diagnostic techniques may be identifying it more frequently.  Management algorithms for invasive & non-invasive ductal and lobular breast carcinomas are well-established, but rare histologic types of primary breast cancers, like MpBC, are not represented in practice guidelines & present many challenges.
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Members of the Metaplastic Breast Cancer Global Alliance community have stepped up to support our global effort.  If you find you need support closer to your location, please feel free to send an email to one of the representatives on our list or send us a message from our Contact Page. We are constantly building our network and hope to continue to grow.

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