The MPBC Global Alliance Had a Representative Join the 2023 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium Virtually, and This is What We Learned


There were no discussions specific to Metaplastic Breast Cancer.

  • A novel vaccine has been developed that has shown anti-cancer effects in a mouse model of TNBC.
  • Exercise has been shown to slow breast cancer tumor growth and spread in rodent models.
  • Exercise has been shown to improve breast cancer outcomes in observational studies.
  • A large population-based study indicated reduced overall survival if neoadjuvant chemotherapy is applied later than 6 weeks after diagnosis or if adjuvant chemotherapy is applied later than 6 weeks after surgery.

Credit to SABCS 2023 in “Recent advances in triplenegative breast cancer”

Below is the latest information we gained in regards to TNBC:

  • Advances in early-stage TNBC:
    • Adjuvant capecitabine improves disease-free & overall survival
    • Pembrolizumab, in addition to neoadjuvant chemotherapy, improves event-free survival
    • Adjuvantolaparibimproves disease-free & overall survival in gBRCAl/2 mutation-associated high-risk breast cancer
    • Carboplatinaddition to neoadjuvant anthracyclineandtaxanebasedchemotherapy improves disease-free& overall survival
  • Advances in advanced stage TNBC:
    • Olaparib & talazoparib improve progression-free survival in gBRCAl/ mutation-associated breast cancer
    • Pembrolizumab improves progression-free& overall survival in PDLl+ advanced TNBC
    • Sacituzumab govitecan (Trodelvy) improves progression-free overall survival in pre-treated advanced TNBC
    • Trastuzumab deruxtecan improves progression-free & overall survival in  re-treated advanced HER2 low breast cancer including TNBC”
  • Nearly one-half of breast cancer patients surveyed reported significant financial burden due to breast cancer
  • Regional nodal irradiation after neoadjuvant chemotherapy and breast cancer surgery does not improve overall survival, according to a study

MpBC Global Alliance Inc. Key Takeaways:

Continue to focus on gaining more research and attention specific to Metaplastic Breast Cancer without lumping us into TNBC.

Future Goals:

Support a conference/symposium specific to MpBC.


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