Exciting Clinical Trial Matching News

Exciting Clinical Trial Matching News

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Exciting announcement! Clinical Trial Matching is here!!

Our friends at Ciitizen have launched their Clinical Trial Matching Program and are giving our advanced & metastatic Metaplastic Community first access to the program. Very exciting that we are the very first group to get access to this amazing new program! You can now use your Ciitizen profile to help you find clinical trial opportunities by matching your medical record data against the protocol criteria for every single breast cancer clinical trial open in the US. This is over 500 Clinical Trials, including Clinical Trials identified by the MpBCGA Medical Advisors. By participating, you will receive your personalizedClinical Trial Options Report.  Visit Ciitizen’s Clinical Trial Matching Program website to learn more and sign up. Questions? Mequel and Sophia from Ciitizen are a part of our group and are happy to chat one-on-one.

Have you been waiting for the right time to join Ciitizen? This is the time! Reminder that during the month of October any new Metaplastic community members who sign up for Ciitizen or joins the CT Matching Program, they will generate a $25 donation to the MpBCGA.

This is what your Custom Clinical Trial Options report looks like! (this is Tania, Ciitizen’s founders late sister’s report who had MBC). Even if you’re not actively looking for trials today, you can sign up to explore your future options 🙂

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