Good Day Everyone! My name is Laura and I am a stage 4 breast cancer survivor! I have mets to my lungs since 2014. Very few of us diagnosed stage 4 with Metaplastic Breast Cancer make it this far. I have spent my days since then trying to support others with this same diagnosis. I also have a wealthy bit of knowledge in complementary or supportive options that have benefited me through the brutal chemotherapy protocols.

Susan Dublin Oran and I along with Leslie Roberts (RIP) started by incorportating Metaplastic Breast Cancer Global Alliance (MpBCGA) just under a year ago. We are still waiting for the U.S. government to approve our non-profit status.

We have spent countless hours learning how to build a website or a home for women diagnosed with MpBC to gain more knowledge, and help direct them to knowledgeable oncologists.

Our website master insists that to improve our SEO’s that I now need to blog! Content! Content! Content! LOL!

I’ll try to keep updating this blog more as I am learning everything as I go. So, if you see this posted that means I didn’t accidentally delete this!

Have a great day,