Strategic Alliance Partnership Program Announcement

Strategic Alliance Partnership Program Announcement

CURE Media Group and Rare Disease Report® Add The Metaplastic Breast Cancer Global Alliance to Their Strategic Alliance Partnership Programs

Many of you know CURE magazine as an invaluable resource for Cancer patients. The MpBC Global Alliance is proud and excited that we have been recognized as a Strategic Alliance Partner of CURE. Looking forward to moving ahead together and potentially seeing Metaplastic Breast Cancer discussed in this global magazine!

Announced on March 13, 2019, CURE Media Group — which reaches over 1 million patients, survivors and caregivers across an industry-leading multimedia platform devoted solely to cancer updates, research and education — and Rare Disease Report® (RDR), a leading digital media platform focused on the rare disease community, announce their partnership with The Metaplastic Breast Cancer Global Alliance (MpBC Global Alliance, Inc.)

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Strategic Cure Alliance

For more information about CURE Media Group’s Strategic Alliance Partnership program, click HERE.

For more information about RDR’s Strategic Alliance Partnership program, click HERE.


Building A Non-Profit

Building A Non-Profit

Good Day Everyone! My name is Laura and I am a stage 4 breast cancer survivor! I have mets to my lungs since 2014. Very few of us diagnosed stage 4 with Metaplastic Breast Cancer make it this far. I have spent my days since then trying to support others with this same diagnosis. I also have a wealthy bit of knowledge in complementary or supportive options that have benefited me through the brutal chemotherapy protocols.

Susan Dublin Oran and I along with Leslie Roberts (RIP) started by incorportating Metaplastic Breast Cancer Global Alliance (MpBCGA) just under a year ago. We are still waiting for the U.S. government to approve our non-profit status.

We have spent countless hours learning how to build a website or a home for women diagnosed with MpBC to gain more knowledge, and help direct them to knowledgeable oncologists.

Our website master insists that to improve our SEO’s that I now need to blog! Content! Content! Content! LOL!

I’ll try to keep updating this blog more as I am learning everything as I go. So, if you see this posted that means I didn’t accidentally delete this!

Have a great day,


Support for Neuropathy

Support for Neuropathy

Many of us struggle with this side effect. A couple of years ago I had a discussion about neuropathy with my primary care doctor and was surprised that he sent me in the same treatment direction as someone with diabetes. He gave me a prescription for it supported me for a couple of years and I could tell the difference when I stopped taking it. Eventually, I had to look into other options as the Mentax became to costly. I researched an alternative option and found a product called NERVE Shield by REDD REMEDIES. I have found this product to be just as supportive if not better. I would definitely recommend either of these options. If you do find you would like to try these products then please contact me and let me know if you have the same benefits. It’s like doing our own clinical trial here! BTW… I did not ice my hands and feet during IV infusions. Chemo’s I had were AC/Taxol and Doxil, Avastin, and still on Afinitor and a failed clinical trial of 2 different types of chemo’s that were defined by #’s… Below is the link for Nerve Shield.